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Michelle and Dr Ma

Our Founders

After years of struggling with rashy, sensitive, and acne-prone skin and countless failed product trials and prescriptions, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Dongxin Ma, MD, PhD, LAc.
Dr. Ma is a world renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine physician, Dean of Herbal Studies at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, and an authority on skin disorders and health.

Within two weeks of seeing Dr. Ma, my skin began to improve. The redness, rash, and itching decreased, and I wasn’t having any new outbreaks of acne. Within a month, the results were dramatically more clear skin and a real hope that I could have normal skin again for the first time in years.

I know so many people that have a similar story to mine –an ongoing physical and emotional struggle, hiding behind makeup and concealer, with sensitive and aggravated skin. Herbal medicine botanicals were a game changer, really a life changer for me.

Dr. Ma and I co-founded Harmony Herbal so that we can share his products with other people who have ongoing problems with their skin. Harmony means ‘Balance’ and Harmony Herbal was founded on the principle that balance and whole body wellness are the true foundation for beautiful skin.

We are committed to offering only natural, clean products that are free of harmful ingredients and backed by traditional herbal medicine principles. And we would never test our products on animals (we are all crazy about our furry family members and are lovers of nature).

Michelle Rovner
Co-founder, CEO