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Our Mission

Michelle and Dr MaHarmony Herbal is based in Austin, TX and committed to providing natural solutions to support healthy, inflammation-free skin.

Looking for solutions to deal with decades of sensitive, irritated and itchy, eczema-prone skin, I was fortunate to meet our co-founder, Dr. Dongxin Ma, M.D., PhD, LAc and Dean of Herbal Studies at the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Ma went to Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Bachelor and Master’s degrees and then Beijing University of TCM for his PhD. He is an authority on skin disorders and women’s health issues and is an internationally sought after researcher and speaker.

For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine has employed well-studied herbs to renew and restore the skin to a peaceful state.  Skin Therapy Calm + Detox™ is based upon these principles and has enjoyed years of clinical and for me, personal, success.

Harnessing the power of proven botanicals for restorative skin care is our mission.

Health, Happiness & Herbs,
Michelle Rovner
Co-founder, CEO