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Sea Salt For Skincare & Beauty

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Summer may be over, but perhaps you are planning a beach getaway this winter (we highly recommend it!) Whether or not that’s the case, don’t miss out on the myriad of beauty benefits that sea salt has, be it from dip in the ocean or a DIY recipe concocted from items in your pantry. Here are just few of the things sea salt can do for your hair, skin & more:

  1. Tame your hair - ever bought expensive sea salt spray from the store? Do it no more! Create perfectly textured waves by dissolving sea salt in warm water in a spray bottle with some liquid coconut oil.
  2. Help you relax - Less stress in life is key for glowing skin, and sometimes a relaxing bath is just what you need to let your worries dissolve. Next time you’re filling up the tub, throw in a cup of sea salt with just a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil...and then let yourself melt away.
  3. Tone your face - A small spray bottle filled tepid water and a teaspoon of sea salt can work wonders on reducing facial oiliness
  4. Exfoliate your skin - Next time you get out of the shower, gently scrub sea salt on your arms and legs while you’re still wet. This will remove dead skin cells and help improve circulation.
  5. De-puff your eyes - Dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt with one pint of hot water, then place solution soaked pads over your eyes while lying on your back

Sea salt, in general, is great for exfoliation, is a natural detoxifier due to its ability to remove toxins from skin, works as a wonderful stress reducer, and has antiseptic properties as well as the ability to increase circulation & reduce fluid retention. These are just a few ways to use those properties to the benefit of your health and beauty, but there are tons more out there. What are some of your favorite ways to use sea salt in your beauty and skincare routine?