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Green ideas for Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning done Green

With only a few weeks left of spring (at least technically, the heat is already here in our hometown of Austin, TX!) it’s not too late to get that dreaded-but-necessary spring cleaning out of the way! Not only will your home feel and look refreshed, but it might just work wonders on those allergies you’ve been dealing with all season long.

We all know the kinds of havoc allergies can wreak on your skin, so do yourself a favor and deep clean your house. We’ve rounded up some tips so that when you whip out the buckets and gloves, you’re not exposing your body or the environment to harmful, toxic chemicals – clean on!

Easy green clean tips

1. Don’t try and hide those unpleasant smells with air freshener. Not only are you not addressing the problem, but you’re also releasing cancer-linked chemicals into your breathing air.  Ditch the fresheners and try using baking soda or essential oils. Better yet, why not bring in some actual fresh cut flowers or air-cleaning plants into your home?

2. As you de-clutter and clean your home, look for the ways that you can be resourceful. Use that lonely, unmatched sock or an old t-shirt for a cleaning rag instead of tossing it or using roll after roll of paper towels.

3. Make your own cleaning products! Ingredients you already have like plain soap, water, vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice have been proven just as effective as powerful chemical cleaners and are obviously much safer for you and the environment. Recipes for DIY home cleaners can be found all over the web.

4. Instead of throwing all of that junk away, consider the things you can recycle. Better yet, go paperless on all of your billing and save yourself the trouble of unnecessary paper mail.

Good luck and happy cleaning!