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Back To School Skincare 101

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Summer is nearly over and your skincare regime should be shifting slightly to adapt to the cooler weather and new routines. This time of year also coincides with many going back to school. If you fall into that category, make sure you're not getting an "F" in self-care. Lucky for you, we've detailed some "Back To School" skincare tips to guarantee an "A" (or, at least a "G" for "glowing skin"!)

Research has shown that stress and breakouts are directly linked, but experiencing stress while a student is an unfortunate reality. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to avoid a bad breakout adding to your stress levels like staying on top of your school work and deadlines, regular exercise, yoga & meditation, and recognizing the signs that your skin may be responding to stress (oil, sensitivity, pale/flushed, etc).

Clean linens
The joke that most college kids only get around to washing their sheets, pillowcases, and towels when they make it home for the holidays is a sad truth. It’s not just unsanitary, but it could be the reason behind unwanted acne. Think about it — you sleep on the same sheets and pillowcases every night and (hopefully) shower and use the same towel most days. Don’t let the bodily build-up on your linens be the culprit for problem skin. Do your laundry!

Washing cell phone
Whether you’re constantly texting or just making a bunch of phone calls back home, a lot of dirt, oil, and germs will eventually make their way to your cell phone face - and you don’t want those ending up on your face! A simple cleanse can help you avoid phone time becoming breakout time. For safe cell phone washing check out this article:

Don’t touch your face
Even if you can’t help but rest your head on your hands during that boring Chemistry class, try to avoid touching your face too often! Contact with a blemish-free face can cause germs to spread and lead to acne, and touching and picking at an existing condition can make it worse! Be conscious: don’t touch your face.

Wash makeup brushes
How old are those makeup brushes you’re currently using? If the answer grosses you out, it may be time to invest in some new brushes. If not, you’re brushes are probably in need a of a good cleansing anyway! All it takes is a little bit of lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo and lay to dry on a lint-free cloth. Let’s face it, you don’t want your beauty products to be the reason you have to cover up.

No all-nighters!
Get your beauty rest.Beauty rest isn’t a myth. Sleep is a time for your body to repair any damages that occur throughout the day and a lack of sufficient sleep can lead to circles under your eyes, pale complexion, and even pre-mature aging (e.g wrinkles!) So don’t pull too many all-nighters, because even if you graduate on time, it may still end up looking like it took you years to finish school!

Have you ever heard “you are what you eat”? Well, you also wear what you eat on your face. It’s simple really — to much sugar in your diet can lead to inflammation and bad skin, while a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can give you healthy, inflammation-free skin. So,skip the pop-tart for breakfast and instead eat that bowl of fruit. And of course, drink plenty of water. Carrying a bottle around with you during class days can prevent dehydration which causes dry and lackluster looking skin.