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Get 20% Off Eczemed w/ SUMMERSKIN20

Summer can bless you with that healthy sun-kissed glow, but for many people with sensitive skin, spending time in the sun will trigger rash and dermatitis, often on the face. Makeup can’t really cover up red, scaly and often embarrassing skin.Doctor-formulated Eczemed with Skin Calming Complex, harnesses the power of active botanicals including gardenia, [...]

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Has The Summer Left Your Skin Dry As A Bone?

Hot sun and increased outdoor activities means it’s easy to become dehydrated during the summer months, and your skin is one of the first organs to feel the effects. If you’re skin feels rough or course, tight feeling with little elasticity, itchy, red and, in some severe cases, is cracked and bleeding, dehydrated skin may be contributing to the problem.Water [...]

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Blueberry Smoothie for Healthy Skin

There are lots of ways to keep healthy with seasonal foods. This spring and summer, we’ve enjoyed indulging in some super foods that are both delicious and packed with nutrients that will have you feeling great while promoting healthy skin! We found this recipe while browsing Organic Beauty Talk and we just had to share. Made from a number of [...]

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Green ideas for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning done GreenWith only a few weeks left of spring (at least technically, the heat is already here in our hometown of Austin, TX!) it’s not too late to get that dreaded-but-necessary spring cleaning out of the way! Not only will your home feel and look refreshed, but it might just work wonders on [...]

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Turmeric Milk Tea – Delicious and Medicinal!

Delicious Turmeric Milk Tea It’s rare to find those things in life that taste great and are good for you too! Turmeric Milk Tea, also called Golden Milk Tea, hits the spot.   Turmeric is a rhizome that is part of the ginger family and native to southwest India. We know it mostly as the spice that provides color and flavor [...]

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Are you ready to slough off that winter skin?

Much Needed Exfoliation The Vernal (Spring) Equinox is Friday, March 20th this year. On that day, the hours of daylight and nighttime are equal. The sun shines a few minutes more each day after that. After such a brutal winter, most of us can’t wait for spring to arrive. Even in the deep South, we’re still [...]

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